The Bible is a big book. It’s a big story about a big God. He created everything and made you and loves you. What a wonderful story! Do you think people in this big story will trust God and do what He says? Our goal is simple, get people to read the Bible.

In the Bible some people do what God says and some people don’t do what God says. You have to decide what you are going to do. Reading the Bible can help you decide what to do.

This big God who loves you sent His only son, a guy named Jesus, to be born on Earth. Jesus listened to what God said and did what God told him. Jesus did some amazing things, then he did the most amazing thing of all. He died. How is that amazing, you’re wondering? Well, he came back to life! But he’s not the only person to come back to life in the Bible, that’s not the most amazing part!

Jesus wants us to be able to spend forever with him! Jesus died because of this thing called sin that separates us from God. Jesus died to take all that sin away from us so we don’t have to be separated from God. You just have to believe in Jesus to be with God. Do you believe in Jesus?

You can read all about Jesus and lots of other people who lived before and after Jesus in this big story. Do you think those people trusted God and did what He says? Just wait til you hear more about this big story! The Bible is not so boring. Enjoy!